Harwich 110   Thorpe Le Soken B.C. 107
This, the first match of the season, turned out to be an absolute thriller with the result being decided on the delivery of the last bowl of the match. Harwich’s most successful triple of the afternoon was that skipped by Captain George Berry who was ably assisted by Wilf Rose and Steve Humphrey and who won by a convincing twenty shots. Michael Reeder helped by his wife Jean and Tony Watson were also successful, winning by nine shots. Sid Elmer skipping John Almond and Peter Andrews were eleven shots up early on before the visitors gamely fought back. They did however hang on to win by two shots. Charlie Furtado skipping Dawn Whitman and Chris Barker fought a close match losing out by just two shots. John Pepperell skipping Diana Jacobs and Ashley Pinto were all square on the thirteenth end before falling away to lose by eight shots. Clive Elmer skipping Pam Bloom, who was nursing an injury, and Derek Taylor struggled throughout and lost by eighteen shots

Essex County Indoor Bowling Association (ECIBA) Men’ s Triples
Harwich 17   Clacton 18
Despite having approximately 200 members Harwich & District I.B.C are poorly represented in the yearly ECIBA competition’s, but this year managed to field 4 players in the Men’s Singles, 2 teams in the Men’s Triples and 3 teams in the Mixed Pairs.
This match, as was expected, was a closely fought encounter between two very competitive teams with Harwich having the home advantage and Clacton the experience. The home side were represented by
Steve Humphrey playing at one, George Berry (captain) at two and Ian Love as “skip”. Clacton fielded J. McGregor at one, A. Harper at two and E. Mercer as “skip”.
The game got off to a tentative start with both teams assessing their opponents, trying to establish both their strengths and weaknesses. Harwich scored three on both the second and fifth ends but were held in check by Clacton with the score being 6 – 6 after six of the eighteen ends. Harwich were consistent in their approach to the game and had the better of the next six ends, scoring six to Clacton’s three and led 12 – 9 after twelve ends. Despite scoring a further four on the next two ends the home side were unable to hold onto their seven-shot advantage. Clacton still had it all to do though, needing three shots on the last end to take the game into a “sudden death” end. Holding two shots with one wood to be delivered it was an edge of the seat finish to a game that was a credit to the sport of Indoor Bowls that is played throughout the country at this level. That last wood seemed to take an age to travel the length of the rink towards the jack and unfortunately for the home side It got a slight “wick” on its journey and ended up giving Clacton their third and decisive shot.
With the scores level at 17 – 17 the match went into a “sudden death” end and with the tension at a maximum it was Clacton who held their nerve to take the end and the match by the narrowest of margins, one shot, 17 – 18.

Harwich 83   Capel St Mary B.C. 68
This was the first match of the new year for Harwich and they just managed to scrape the expected win. Had it not been for the triple skipped by Steve Humphrey, playing with his wife Ann and Bill Howlett, winning by 23 shots, Harwich would have found the match much more challenging. Charlie Furtado assisted by Jackie Halsall and Tony Wilson, having his first outing for Harwich, put up a good performance scoring consistently throughout winning by six shots. Peter Andrews helped by Wilf Rose and Elizabeth Pomroy started slowly but having taken the lead on the eighth end managed to keep the opposition at bay and won by three shots. Tony Watson skipping Dawn Whitman and David Hunter led throughout but slipped up on the very last end and lost by two shots. Capel borrowed three Harwich players, Sandy Mooney, Jackie and Keith Hindle for this match and they played against Captain of the day Michael Reeder who was skipping his wife Jean and Carol Sutton who were out bowled throughout the match and lost by fifteen shots

Harwich 82   Kirby B.C. 50
This was one of the few morning friendly matches that Harwich play during the winter season. That said the early start did not seem to deter the home side. The most successful triple of the afternoon was that skipped by Mike Ryan who along with Tony Watson and Diana Jacobs won by a convincing twenty three shots. Captain for the day Sandra Hambling skipping Roy Petts and John Almond managed to hold the opposition at bay and won by six shots. Peter Andrews had to step up to skip as Colin Theobald was drafted in for John Peperell. The late change did not affect play as they won by four shots. Unfortunately for skip Sandy Mooney, playing with Chris Barker and Steve Humphrey fortunes were mixed. Although they scored a four early and followed that up with a six on the ninth end they were unable to hold onto the lead and lost by the narrowest of margins, one shot.

Ladies Mason Trophy

Harwich 19   Clacton C 46 
Unfortunately Harwich crashed out in the first round of this years Mason Trophy. At home the rink skipped by Vice Captain Brenda Vernaven playing with Ginny Ayers, Alison Balaam and Jeanette Gugerly took an early lead but were then overwhelmed by their opponents, eventually losing by seventeen shots. Carol Sutton skipped the away rink and was in charge of Diana Jacobs, Jean Manning and Carol Harrington. They also happened to take an early lead but the outcome was much the same as the home side and they eventually lost, but not quite so significantly, by ten shots

September  2018Friday28thClub AGM @ 16:45

October 2018Saturday6thThorpe - Le - Soken B.CHWon


Sunday14thCopdock & WashbrookHWon

Thursday18thWalton I.B.C. LadiesA
Saturday20thClub Open Day
Saturday21stClacton I.B.C.ALost
Saturday27thColchester B.C. (Ardleigh)HWon
NovemberFriday2ndMason Trophy Preliminary RoundH & A

Sunday4thHolywells B.C.HWon

Wednesday7thOver 60's A - Falcon AH & ALost
Wednesday7thOver 60's B - Falcon BH & ALost

Wednesday7thClacton Ladies I.B.CA
Sunday11thWalton I.B.CHWon
Sunday18thDovercourt B.C.HLost
Wednesday21stOver 60's A - Walton AH & A

Wednesday21stOver 60's B - Walton BH & A

Friday23rdMason Trophy 1st RoundH & ALost
Saturday24thWalton I.B.CALost
December Saturday1stColchester West End B.C.HWon

Saturday1stChristmas Party

Wednesday5thOver 60's A - Clacton AH & A

Wednesday5thOver 60's B - Clacton BH & A

Sunday9thBrantham B.C.HWon

Saturday15thChristmas Lunch
January 2019Sunday6thBrightlinsea B.C.HP
Wednesday9thOver 60's A - West Mersea AH & AWon
Wednesday9thOver 60' B - West Mersea BH & AWon

Sunday13thCapel St Mary B.C.HWon

Saturday19thWest Mersea I.B.C.H
Wednesday23rdOver 60's A - Colchester AH & A
Wednesday23rdOver 60's B - Colchester BH & A
Saturday26thClacton I.B.C.H


Sunday3rdCourtaulds HalsteadH

Wednesday6thOver 60's A - Jacks AH & A
Wednesday6thOver 60' s B - Jacks BH & A
Saturday9thBrantham B.C.H
Wednesday13thClacton Ladies I.B.C.H
Thursday 14thSuffolk Vice PresidentsH

Sunday 17thEast Bergholt B.C.H
Wednesday20thOver 60's A - Rayleigh AH & A
Wednesday 20thOver 60's B - Rayleigh BH & A
Thursday21stLadies Gala Day
Thursday 28thWalton Ladies I.B.CH
March Saturday2ndKirbyH
Thursday7thEssex County SelectH
Saturday9thWest Mersea I.B.CA
Thursday14thWest Mersea Ladies I.B.CA
Sunday 17thTiptree Jobserve B.C.H
Thursday21stNorfolk EBA Vice PresidentsH

Sunday24thCopdock & WahbrookH
April Saturday6thClub Open Day

MaySaturday18thClacton I..B.C.A
JuneSaturday15thClacton I..B.C.H
JulySaturday13thWalton I.B.C.H
AugustSaturday10thWalton I.B.C.A

Harwich & District I.B.C 111   Walton I.B.C 85
Harwich continued in their winning ways in this friendly against Walton I.B.C, who are one of their closest rivals. When playing at home Walton tend to have a refreshment break after nine ends and after that period in this game they were leading by the narrowest of margins, 51 – 50. Unfortunately, the lack of half-time refreshment seemed to have an adverse effect on the Walton bowlers and they were unable to hold onto their lead with Harwich running out eventual winners by a comfortable margin of 26 shots.
 Harwich’s best performing rink was the one skipped by Pete Andrews who, ably supported by Chris Johnson and Jackie Halsall won convincingly, 26-9. Captain of the day George Berry skipping Steve Humphrey and his wife Ann won 20-12, despite not registering a point until the 5th end. Sandy Mooney supported by Flora Dick and Bill Howlett gave away 6 shots on the 7th end but went on to score eighteen shots in six ends, eventually winning 25-18. Skip John Almond, Jackie and Keith Hindle fought an evenly contested game but emerged victorious, winning 16-12. Mike Ryan, David Hunter and Di Jacobs fought another closely contested game but unfortunately didn’t manage to score a point on any of the last four ends and lost out 13-15. Skip Charlie Furtado, Dawn Whitman and Tony Watson struggled to get into their game and despite scoring 7 shots on the last five ends lost 11-19

Harwich 110   Brantham B.C. 78
This proved to be a comfortable win for Harwich against a Brantham side which consisted mainly of outdoor bowlers. Harwich’s best performing rink was that skipped by Mike Ryan who along with Derek Taylor and Elizabeth Pomroy romped home by twenty-one shots. Pete Andrews assisted by Di Jacobs and Ken Sparks also performed well winning by twelve shots, while Sid Ellmer assisted by Jackie and Keith Hindle won by eight shots. Howard Lewsey skipping Flora Dick and Tony Watson took a nine shot lead before the opposition started to fight back. They dropped eight shots on the last three ends but just managed to hang on winning by six shots. Sandy Mooney skipping Charlie Furtado and Dawn Whitman were six shots up after twelve ends but only managed to score one in the final six, losing by four shots. John Almond, Wilf Rose and Captain Brenda Vernaven regularly held the advantage but the aggressive firing of Brantham’s Ian Love destroyed their good work and they lost by twenty-one shots. 

Harwich 86   Dovercourt B.C. 99
Harwich entertained a strong Dovercourt team in this local derby and their class eventually showed through in this closely fought match. Harwich’s most successful triple was that skipped by John Almond playing with Jackie Halsall and John Peperell. They trailed with four ends remaining but finished strongly to win by four shots. Charlie Furtado helped by Dawn Whitman and David Hunter were coasting at the halfway stage but Dovercourt fought back to earn a respectable draw. George Berry assisted by Ken Sparkes and Elizabeth Pomroy won the last four ends but could not recover from an indifferent start and lost by three shots. Captain Howard Lewsey skipping Bill Howlett and Steve Humphrey were three shots down going into the lase end but staged a great recovery, gaining the three shots required and earning themselves a hard fought draw.Sandra Hambling playing with Jackie and Keith Hindle were involved in another tight match but lost by three shots. The triple with Peter Andrews in charge of Tony Watson and Sandy Mooney were only one shot behind with two ends remaining. Alas they dropped a three then a four to lose by eight shots. Harwich should be encouraged because the entire opposing team was comprised of Harwich bowlers donning Dovercourt shirts! It showed how much Harwich as a Club has improved in recent seasons.

Fixtures - Match Reports     2018 - 2019

Harwich Indoor Bowls Club

Walton I.B.C 80   Harwich 52
Pete Andrews skipping Flora Dick and John Peperell were Harwich’s only successful rink, in this encounter, winning by just one shot. Howard Lewsey assisted by Wilf Rose and Elizabeth Pomroy were always in with a chance but eventually lost by five shots. Both Captain George Berry, skipping Tony Watson and Glen Turpin, and Sandy Mooney, skipping Jackie Halsall and Derek Taylor had their moments of success but could not repel Walton’s constant pressure, both loosing by twelve shots.

Clacton I.B.C 123   Harwich 55
On what happened to be a glorious Sunday afternoon the only ray of sunshine for Harwich was delivered by skip Sandy Mooney, Chris Johnson and Tony Watson who, although they had to battle throughout registered a deserved three shot win. Unfortunately Harwich lost the other five triples, four of them convincingly. Skip and first time captain for the day Howard Lewsey who was playing with Jackie Halsall and Peter Andrews managed to restrict their loss to five shots but John Peperell skipping Jackie and Keith Hindle lost by thirteen shots, Mike Ryan skipping Diana Jacobs and Dawn Whitman lost by fourteen shots, Charlie Furtado skipping Pat Mitchell and Glen Turpin lost by eighteen shots and Michael Reeder playing with his wife Jean and John Almond lost by twenty-five shots.

Harwich 118   Colchester B.C. 50
After their heavy defeat at Clacton in the previous match Harwich got back to winning ways against Colchester. Again the home side's best performing rink was the one skipped by Sandy Mooney who along with Derek Taylor and Bill Howlett won by a very convincing twenty nine shots. Not to be outdone captain of the day Howard Lewsey skipping Chris Barker and Peter Andrews also had a convincing win, winning by twenty two shots. Michael Reeder assisted by his wife Jean and Tony Watson won by a comfortable margin of twelve shots while skip John Almond playing with Pat Mitchell and Chris Johnson won by seven shots. Keith Hindle skipping his wife Jackie and Jackie Halsall were on level terms with their opposition after fifteen ends but could not quite find the telling woods in the last 3 ends and ended up loosing by five shots.

Harwich 72   Colchester West End B.C. 65
This was a closely fought game with both teams fortunes changing throughout.  Harwich’s most successful triple was that skipped by veteran Sid Ellmer, who assisted by Tony Watson and Elizabeth Pomroy won by 22 shots. This win proved to be decisive for the home side as it covered the losses on the other three rinks. John Almond, skipping Pat Mitchell and Captain David Hunter, narrowly lost by two shots. Stuart Britten assisted by Shelia Gordon and Jackie Halsall also fought a close game lbut lost by six shots and Sandy Mooney, skipping Jackie and Keith Hindle lost by seven shots..

Harwich 91   Holywells B.C. 5I
Harwich continued in their winning ways when they entertained Ipswich’s Holywells B.C. The home side's best triple of the afternoon was skipped by Sid Elmer who along with Jackie and Keith Hindle won by a convincing twenty shots. Charlie Furtado skipping Dawn Whitman and Flora Dick also put in a good performance winning by fifteen shots. Sandy Mooney assisted by Wilf Rose and Bill Howlett were in complete control  until their opposition stole an unexpected seven shots midway through the match and then a further five shots on the last end, but all was in vain as the home side held on to win by five shots. Steve Humphrey skipping Chris Johnson and Ken Sparks were eight shots down on the fifteenth end and still five shots down on the last end but managed to finish strongly gaining the five shots required for a well deserved draw.

Harwich 125   Copdock & Washbrook B.C. 40

It is very difficult, especially this early in the winter season for outdoor bowlers to adapt to the indoor conditions which became evident in this match. Captain for the day Peter Andrews, skipping Ashley Pinto and Derek Taylor overwhelmed their opponents, winning by thirty shots. Sandy Mooney ably assisted by Tony Watson and David Hunter won by twenty two shots and Steve Humphrey skipping Wilf Rose and Jackie Hindle won by twenty one shots. Charlie Furtado assisted by Dawn Whitman and Ken Sparks were level at the half way stage of nine ends  but had a better second half, eventually winning by fifteen shots. For Chris Johnson skipping  Keith Hindle and Jackie Halsall, it proved to be far from easy. Although they played a very tight game they ended up by loosing by six shots, conceded over the last three ends.