A register of all club members names, addresses and telephone numbers is available at reception.

As part of their membership members are expected to,

  • Behave in an orderly fashion at all times
  • Cooperate with the clubs officers in order that they may carry out their duties as required
  • Carry out stewarding duties on an as and when required basis
  • Inform the centre of any changes to their personal  details

Membership Subscription arrangements for 2023/24

The Committee have decided to collect the subscriptions by the way of arranging dates and times for these payments to be collected at the Club and are detailed below


In Memory of sadly departed members

Roy Groves

Len Smailes

Peter Harris

Michael Johnson

George Lester

Ronald Pomroy

Ray Hubbard

Diane Basham

Valda Burgess

Shirley Beaumont

Dick Bloom

Wilf Rose

Olive Rowley

​Colleen Johnson

Mick Moore

Nan White

Angela Oleszko

Ron Spendlove

Jim Rowley

John Hart

Pam Andrews

John Mann

Flora Dick

Gary Rosier

Liz Coker


Harwich and District Indoor Bowls Club


For all matches the dress code shall be grey bottoms , including tailored shorts (grey or black), unless otherwise stated in the fixture list. Tops shall be the designated club shirt or a plain white polo shirt. On certain occasions men may be asked to wear collar and club tie. Ladies may also wear yellow club waistcoats or cardigans. Recognised bowls shoes (no grip) should be worn on the rink at all times as the club will not be held responsible for any damage caused by individuals wearing the incorrect footwear. The dress code also extends to the function room/bar area for after match refreshments.

Annual General Meeting

This will be held at the Club on 


Three two and a half hour coaching sessions are available at a cost of £5* for "first time adult bowlers" (over the age of 18) by our registered/qualified coaches  on a Thursday morning between 10:00 - 12:30 (Other days and times, including weekends, may be available) 

If you are interested please contact George/Linda Berry on 07751366040  or the club office.

* This will be deducted from you first years membership fee should you decide to join the club*

Rink Etiquette

Players must not

  • Consume drink or food beyond the table area as defined by the floor markings
  • Run on the rinks or surrounding areas
  • Bump/drop their bowls during delivery
  • Use alcohol based spray markers or "Grippo" on their bowls
  • Do anything from behind the mat to distract the person who is about to bowl
  • Move at the end of the rink when a player is about to bowl from the opposite end
  • Leave "dead woods" in the eye line of other players
  • Walk as a broad group down the centre of the rink when changing ends
  • Crowd, distract or get involved in the measuring of bowls if it is not their designated task

​​​Club News

The club, although very successful has until recently not had the means to accomodate individuals who are wheelchair reliant and interested in playing indoor bowls. In June 2017 with the help of £500 in donations we purchased a Bradshaw Bowls Buggy  and have already benefited from gaining a number of users. 

If your disability means that you are unable to stand, even for a short period of time or continually walk up and down the rink for periods up to and in excess of  two and a half hours and are interested in making use of our latest acquisition then please contact the club office.

As from 13th July 2017 Harwich and District Indoor Bowls Club is now fully air conditioned.

A new Greengauge carpet and underlay we laid on the rink during August 2022